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Captain D thinks that visitors to Downeast Maine should be given the last word. So he is making this space available for their comments. Did you have a particularly good experience Downeast? Or a particularly bad one? E-mail them to us, and we will share them with the rest of the world.

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I check your site often and have to disagree about where you can get best omelets as for variety and taste. Jordan's Restaurant Bar Harbor Maine has the best omelets I have ever eaten and as I have traveled from Oklahoma to Maine by bus and car I have tasted many. They also have the best blueberry pancakes around and their strawberry waffle is to die for. Also if you wanted to mention a historic site that offers residental housing for woman at affordable prices you should mention the YWCA of Bar Harbor thnx

Hi Captain D (and the rest of the world of course!)

There is only one word for Maine: FANTABULISTIC!

The people are incredibly hospitable and helpful. Especially in the tourism industry. I, as a foreigner who lived for two decades in an African country where good service was still pretty
rare, appreciate those things even more. Ya know, you don't know what you're missing, until you've lost it. But I found it again in Maine. Better even, as I think 'Mainers'
are friendlier people than my fellow countrymen, Hollanders.

Last August I drove from Quebec via Norridgewock (to pick up my son who lives there) to Camden, where we spent a few days in the area. What had drawn me to Camden was the fact
that America's very best poet grew up there (Edna St. Vincent Millay). As I had just finished reading her biography I could visit a lot of the places that were mentioned in this book, such as
Mount Battie. Edna is commemorated here with a plaque of some of her poetry, which she wrote inspired by the surroundings. Everywhere we went, it was the same story: friendliness,
hospitability, charming and breathtaking natural beauty. We had what must be the best sandwich in town on the deck of Camden Deli, where they also offer "the best view in town"!

I feel that Maine is choc-a-bloc with pleasant surprises and my next outing will be to the Rangeley Lakes region for Columbus Day weekend. Although I now live in Quebec, I am
immensely drawn to Maine. She is like a magnet! Maine must simply be explored over and over again, and I doubt that she will ever cease to surprise. Very much like Ms. Millay's
poetry. Please do read some if you haven't already.

A fan.
Nicolette wrote:

I'm looking for infant size lobster slippers that my duaghter saw on her honeymoon to Maine in October? Would like
to purchase for Christmas? HELP!!!

Diane Hostetler
Waterloo, Iowa

e - mail

Dear Captain D,

I came across your website and was wondering if you might have any information on Whoopie Pies, where do they come from, where they got the name, etc. I am currently writting a piece about them for publication so any help you might provide would be much appreciated.
Rosie McNally

Dear Captain D

I absolutely love Maine and was lucky enough to have been stationed at Brunswick from 1979-82 while in the Navy. In fact, I seriously considered moving to Maine permanently when I left the service. However, I do have one complaint--snowmobiles. I lived way out in the country (several miles from Gardiner) and it was quiet and peaceful--until the snow fell and the snowmobiles came out. Why aren't there laws limiting these vile machines to designated areas? They disturb the peace, scare the wildlife, ruin the scenery, etc., etc. It was the snowmobiles that convinced me to settle in Florida!

Dear Captain D:

Waited for 3 years to visit Acadia and it was worth the wait. Beautiful, great food, Nice people. Did get extremely angry after whale watching trip. 3 1/2 hour trip, 3 hour parking. No sign stating as such. I wouldn't mind at all paying to park but am offended by a ticket. Cruise outfit said complain to the town people and they in turn said to complain to cruise people. You
would think in a great place like this everyone would work together. There is nowhere in town that you can park long enough for the cruise. Would have spent lots more of my moldy money there after cruise but opted to leave town. Too bad for the economy.

Dear Captain D,

We have a great time camping in Maine every summer at the Bass Harbor Campground, Maine . It is a clean and beautiful
place and the Clayton family are very gracious hosts.


Dear Captain D:

You can't go wrong with Breakfast from Cafe This way in Bar harbor. The Kits Buritto will keep you satisfied on your ventures
thru Acadia National Park. The Omletes are just spectacular. and they serve the biggest bowl of Oatmeal I have ever seen in
my entire life. Cafe This Way is the Place to Eat Breakfast - You eat there once and your hooked for life


Dear Capt. D:

We only had two days Downeast, but Bob still talks about the wonderful scallops he had at Czy Gil's Restaurant. And we did
enjoy the quiet side of the island--everyone at the Seawall Motel was very nice. Maine is so beautiful, we wish we had been
able to spend more time there.


What about Beale Street Barbeque in Bath, it's open year round. what makes BEST. Have you tried them all: Billy's, Bob's,
Norms, One in kittery too, something or other smokhouse. If you are going to represent Maine you should represent it ALL!!

Hi Captain D,

I just wanted to give you some feedback about my recent trip to Maine and let you know how extremely helpful all your information has been!!

The beginning of June is a good time to visit Bar Harbor, because there were absolutely no crowds (not even on the Puffin Cruise!), but it's tough to find anything open on the quieter side of the island.

My toughtest search was trying to find a homemade whoopee pie. Apparently, they're not in season until the tourists start arriving, so we could not sample a very wide variety.

We went to Betsy's kitchen, as suggested in your book, and got the biggest whoopee pies I've ever seen! Unfortunately my friend thought they were a little dry and, as a subplot to the rest of the vacation, we went around sampling homemade whoopie pies in the area. I've ranked them from best to not as best (because, although I haven't yet tried the Sweet Pete's whoopee pie, I can't imagine there could be such a thing as "worst whoopie pie")

(this list, of course, is purely subjective and not meant to critisize any of the information in your book, but rather to add my observations to it)

Larry's Bakery in Ellsworth - had to be the best!!!

EPI' s in Bar Harbor - they weren't very inviting, but their whoopee pies sure were.

Colonel's Deli in Northeast Harbor - surprisingly good for an out-of-the-way-deli in a quiet, rich, neighborhood

Betsy's Kitchen - They lasted a while, but I have to admit, compared to the rest, they were a bit dry.

I haven't yet tasted the Sweet Pete's whoopee pie that I bought in Northport, but I've heard bad reviews of them from some of the people we interviewed.

You might be wondering why the fascination with the whoopee pie - let me assure you, you're not alone. Many people wondered about that fierce gleam in my eye as I questioned them for a source for the ultimate hommade whoopee pie. Part
of the reason was to prove to my friend how tastey they really were (we don't have them here in Connecticut, you know), but another flickering spark of this growing urgency was due to the fact that I could NOT find a place that was selling them!!!! I drove around the entire island - to a gas station by the intesection of Rtes 102 and 102A (highly recommended), to a small bakery/gift shop just outside of Southwest Harbor, to Northeast Harbor, to Bar Harbor asking around for fresh, hommade whoopie pies!!! Either the person that baked them was not there, or, the more popular excuse: "We sold them last year, but haven't started making them yet this year."

The Russians say we Americans are spoiled by the fact that we can walk into a grocery store at any time of the year and buy a banana, or a strawberry, or an orange. We're oblivious to the seasons, they claim, because we don't have to wait for to buy fruit. But try to get a hommade whoopee pie on Mt. Desert Island out of season and you're just plain S.O.L.!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, having spent one rainy morning in the Southwest Harbor Oceanarium, we were getting a bit hungry, so I decided to follow your advise and go to the Seawall Dining Room. That place was the absolute best restaurant I've ever been in!!!! They were so friendly and so helpful and the food was soooo good, I think we left them a $15 tip!!! I'm very thanful that you steered me in that direction! The only down side to that outing was that six-foot tall wooden fence put up along the seawall. Now I'm sure this hasn't gone unnoticed by the people in the area and I can't, for the life of me, understand why someone from Maine
would erect such a hideously, unfriendly structure in the middle of such natural beauty. The only reasoning I could think of is that the owner of this property must be from Connecticut. Couldn't they put up a more harmonious land marker? ...something that would blend in with the scenery a bit more, maybe Shoot, even two foot shorter and a space between the slats would have been sufficient! Luckily, we got a great view of the scenery on the island the day before when we went rockclimbing off Otter Cliffs and the Bubble mountains. I wanted to mention this to you, because I didn't see it listed anywhere in your books. I feel especially obliged to describe our experience, because the guide that took us out on the cliffs was absolutely the most patient,
well-manered, understanding and knowledgeable instructors I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with - and this has absolutely nothing to do with his good looks! Neither my friend nor I had ever considered tying ourselves to a rope and climb up the side of a mountain using only rubber shoes on tiny footholds until I read about this climbing school in the Chamber of Commerce Guide. He took the time to explain everything to me on the phone before I signed us both up and made sure we both understood all the equipment and techniques before he sent us up/over the cliff. He even dealt with me quite capably when I remembered how terrified I am of heights and panicked going over the side of the cliff. I'd like to report that I made it through all of the climbs successfully!!!!

If you'd like to include information about mountain climbing on your web page -or maybe even try it yourself - his name is Chris Kane from Atlantic Climbing School (not to be confused with Acadia Moutain Guides, which seems to have better internet advertising...? - they might be just as good (I doubt it, of course) but I don't think our experience would have been so much fun if not for Chris). Unfortunately, I don't have the phone number to pass along, but I'm sure it's easy to get with that fancy, computerized information system you folks have in Maine. We still have to talk to real people here....

I wanted to stop in your bookstore on the way back home, but my friend's boyfriend had told her about a haunted house in Northford, Me., so on the way back to musty, grey, ragweed-filled Connecticut (the doormat of New England), we spent about four hours driving around Belfast looking for the charred chimney that reamins from a haunted house which burnt down years ago. How, you ask, do you find just the chimney from a house that already burnt down? Well, the answer is: you don't. We did put in a good effort, though, and got to talk to a whole bunch of friendly locals. That alone made me angry about leaving
Maine to come back to this rat-race...

I had a lovely time. If I could find a job up there, I certainly wouldn't hesitate fleeing this state. Hey - maybe you can add employment opportunites to your classified section?!!! Eh, maybe not - employment classifieds require too much administration... How 'bout listing employment agencies - or are Maine-folk too happy to see us leave at the end of the summer?!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Captain D for all the info -you have a great website on an area that is hard to research!!!
Please keep it up!

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