CRAFTING A SITE involves people with different focuses and skill sets. Allowing them to run free instead of working together is a recipe for disaster.

United we profit, divided we watch someone else come along and take all of our clients. Though wordier than the original quote, it summarizes what speakers at the SES Chicago session on SEO & Development: Get It Together! wanted to communicate.

Geoff Karcher called for checks and balances in the process of site building. Designers, coders, and SEOs all have different areas of focus.

Those efforts need to add up to one effective website. If the development and the optimization staffers clash, due to the disparate areas of focus, problems will ensue.

Sage Lewis said both sides tend to have points of view that are ready-made for colliding. Developers don't understand the value of what SEOs recommend. The SEOs frequently take an inflexible stance and an all or nothing attitude.

It's not healthy. Communication will help.

When teams operate in silos, as Colton Perry observed, lots of bad things tend to happen to a site's potential optimization. Developers put up barriers to optimization:

•  Text as images
•  Splash pages
•  Spider traps
•  Poor coding
•  Poor, vague, or No title tags
•  No sitemap
•  No image title tags

The panel advised businesses to do some due diligence when looking for an outside SEO company to improve a site's rankings. They noted anyone can show you results as long as they handpick their clients.

That makes it important for a company to find the SEO's clients and contact some of them directly, to find out how well the SEO performed for them.

WebProNews Internet reporter/anchor Kara Ratliff contributed to this report.

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